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You are required to accept our policies before your stay.

Regular Season is April 1st through November 14th.
Winter Season is November 15th through March 31.

Contact Information
Our mailing address is PO Box B, Ashford, WA 98304. Our phone number is 360-569-0516, or call 425-445-2419. Primary registered guest must be at least 25 years of age.

Contract is between Big Creek Getaways, LLC and the acceptor of this contract, herein referred to as “Signer Guest”. Signer Guest is an adult over the age of 25 and WILL BE an occupant of the unit during the entire reserved period. The term “Guests” includes all of the occupants that are with the Signer Guest. Other occupants may be family members, friends or children under the Signer Guest’s direct supervision. Use of the premises is denied to persons not falling within these categories. If any Guests are disruptive or otherwise disturbing the peace, all Guests will have to vacate the property immediately without any refund of deposit or payment.

Cancellations And Refunds
Should the need arise to cancel your reservation, regardless of reason (including bad weather, power outages, electronics failure, illness, death, economic factors or other inconveniences outside of our control) there will be a $25 cancellation fee to cover administrative costs. The mountain cabins are on well-maintained county roads. Traction tires, chains and/or all-wheel drive may be required at times. Cancellation in excess of 30 days prior to scheduled occupancy will result in a refund less the $25 cancellation fee. All cancellations must be in writing (by mail, or email) and verified by phone.

Cancellation under 30 days prior to occupancy is non-refundable unless we are able to rebook the nights. If we can rebook the nights we will issue a full refund minus the $25 cancellation fee.

Changing dates is considered a cancellation. This is because booked dates are removed from our availability calendars and all inquiries are turned away and referred to other accommodations.

There are no refunds for late arrivals, or early departures for leaving the getaway due to mechanical failure of non-essential items.

We realize that unexpected events or last-minute emergencies can disrupt your travel plans. To prepare for these unforeseeable circumstances, some guests opt to purchase travel insurance which is available through a number of independent providers.



Early check-in times are allowed only when the getaway is cleaned and ready for occupancy. By entering your vacation rental getaway, you are accepting complete adherence to rules set forth in this document.

Late Check Out may be available, up to 2 hours. There is a $50 service fee to cover the extra cleaning staff required to ensure that the cabins are prepared to our high standards in a shortened amount of time.


To reserve the getaway 50% of the total amount for your rental stay is due at the time of booking. Your balance is due 30 days prior to your reservation start date. Rates are subject to taxes and fees totaling 10.2%. All rates, fees and policies are subject to change without notice.


Your getaway is stocked for your arrival with paper products including tissue, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry, and dish detergent. See amenities list for more details.

Please leave the getaway in the same general condition as it was when you arrived. Staff will arrive after your departure to thoroughly clean and inspect the getaway. Please note the following to avoid being charged excess cleaning fees:

  • All food and drink spills should be cleaned up as they occur. Food and drink spills left on carpet or laminate flooring are considered to be damage, not normal wear and tear.
  • Refrigerator should be emptied of all food and free of spills.
  • All used dishes should be washed and rinsed.
  • Please put all used linens and towels on top of the washer and dryer.
  • Leave the getaway generally picked up so that it is ready to be vacuumed, dusted and sanitized.
  • There will be a charge of $50 per hour for excessive cleaning of the getaway and property.
  • Customers will be held financially responsible for any missing items and/or damage to the getaway, getaway contents, and property during their stay and will be charged for replacement or repairs.


SMOKING IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED IN OUR GETAWAYS. Should we discover that smoking in our getaway has occurred, you will be charged a $500 cleaning fee and must vacate the getaway, forfeiting all payments received by management.


In consideration of our neighbors, please observe quiet hours after 10pm. Big Creek Getaways are located in a residential neighborhood so we ask that you please respect the fulltime residents and other guests by honoring quiet time. Quiet hours are monitored and enforced.


One key is provided in the lockbox and two additional keys are located in the getaway. We do recommend keeping one key in the lockbox at all times. There will be a $25 fee for lost keys.


All cars must be parked in the driveway of the getaway. Street parking is not permitted. Please do not block the driveway to any other home.


There is no telephone provided in the getaways. If your mobile device supports internet calling you may be able to make phone calls. If it is an emergency you can contact the owners. Information will be provided upon check in.


  • Guest count must not exceed maximum capacity permitted as stated on the reservation confirmation. If your head count changes after your reservation is confirmed, please contact the owner at least 48 hours before arrival. There will be a $20 per night charge for individuals over the recommended occupancy.
  • A $50 per night fee will be charged for any guest who stays without prior arrangement and payment.
  • Refunds for a reduced guest count will not be granted unless arranged 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • Using the premises for any illegal activity including, but not limited to, the possession, serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages by or to persons less than 21 years of age.
  • Causing damage to the getaway or to any of the neighboring properties.
  • Having a pet or smoking in the cabin.
  • Not following quiet hours after 10PM.
  • No RV’s or Trailers without prior arrangements.
  • Discharging a firearm and/or hunting on getaway and neighboring property is strictly prohibited.

We reserve the right to check in on our guests to ensure that our policies are being respected and to evict those guests without notice or refund who violate our policies.


  • Check out time is 11AM.
  • Please leave all keys, remote controls, etc. on the kitchen counter. It is ok to leave one key in the key box. There will be a $25 fee for lost keys.
  • A $50 per hour fee will be charged for each hour (or portion thereof) past the required check out time, unless previously agreed upon prior to arrival. We often have guests arriving the same day and need at least a four hour cleaning time to make the home ready for the next guests.
  • Upon checkout the getaway should look basically the same as you found it: rooms straightened, DVD’s/games put away, dishes washed and rinsed. There will be a charge of $50 per hour for excessive cleaning of the cabin and property.
  • Customers will be held financially responsible for any missing items and/or damage to the getaway during their stay will be charged for replacement or repairs.
  • Please be sure to lock all doors and windows.


You agree to accept responsibility for any damages caused to the property by your guests, including, but not limited to, landscaping, damage to floors, swelling of laminate floors, misuse of appliances, and/or equipment furnished. If damages are in excess of the security deposit or security wavier limit of $500; you hereby agree to reimburse the owners for the costs incurred to repair/replace all damaged items.

As a condition of the rental of any Big Creek Getaways, we reserve the right to charge the Signer Guest’s credit card for any and all Signer Guest/Invitee caused losses and damages sustained to the vacation property throughout the duration of their stay. In the event of any Signer Guest/Invitee caused loss, or damage to the vacation property, including, but not limited to repairs, replacements, undue cleaning, eviction, service calls, service charges, fines/assessments, plus all applicable tax, Big Creek Getaways, LLC is hereby granted the right to debit (charge) the Signer Guest’s credit card. An itemized statement outlining all associated costs will be sent via regular mail to the mailing address submitted by the Signed Guest. By accepting the policies, the Signer Guest hereby agrees to pay for all such charges, as defined above and on the proceeding pages.


Signer Guest is individually and completely liable and otherwise fully responsible for any and all Guest/Cardholder/Invitee caused damages incurred to the Big Creek Getaway, including, but not limited to all adjacent structures and premises, throughout the entire duration of their stay/occupancy. This includes, but is not limited to intentional and/or unintentional removal of owners’ and/or accidental damage to structures and premises including, but not expressly limited to any and all fixtures, appliances and furnishings. Signer Guests credit card shall be charged at full cost of repair and/or current replacement, including labor and materials, removal and disposal, plus taxes and surcharges, as applicable.

Undue and/or unreasonable cleaning of the Big Creek Getaway will be charged to the Signer Guest’s credit card as a cleaning charge at a rate of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per hour, with a one (1) hour service minimum. This applies to the premises exterior, grounds, BBQ as well as the premises interior.


Big Creek Getaways, LLC does not assume any liability for loss, damage or injury to you or your guests or their personal property. Neither do we accept liability for any inconvenience arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in supply of water, gas, and electricity, outside construction noises or plumbing. Nor will Big Creek Getaways, LLC accept liability for any loss or damage caused by use of homes equipment, street construction, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of God, or other reason beyond its control. We do encourage you to purchase travel insurance that will reimburse you if any of the above happen. Try the www.insuremytrip.com web site. They offer quote comparisons on nearly 60 policies available from 14 companies.


You, for yourself, your heirs, assignors, executors, and administrators, fully releases and discharges Big Creek Getaways, LLC from any and all claims, demands and causes of action by reason of any injury of whatever nature which has or have occurred, or may occur to the undersigned, or any of your guests as a result of, or in connection with the occupancy of the premises and agrees to hold Big Creek Getaways, LLC free and harmless of any claim or suit arising there from. In any action concerning the rights, duties or liabilities of the parties to this agreement, their principals, agents, successors or assignees the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees and costs. This contract is to be taken in its entirety.



Pets are absolutely not allowed in any of our getaways, big or small. Should we discover that a pet has been in the getaway, you will be charged a $500 cleaning fee and must vacate the getaway, forfeiting all payments received by management.

National Park Pet Policy: “Pets must be caged, on a leash, or otherwise restrained at all times. Pets may not be left unattended. Pets are permitted only in parking lots and roads open to vehicles. The only exception to this restriction is that dogs are permitted on the Pacific Crest Trail.